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Shannon & Andres (Van Vleck Gardens, Engagement Session Montclair, New Jersey Engagement Photographer)

February 26, 2024

Shannon & Andres had a picture perfect engagement session!
Bring the middle of spring almost everything in the Van Vleck House and Gardens was in bloom! It was the perfect spot for engagement photos! Nestled into the bustling Montclair, NJ streets hides this magnificent garden since 1916. The Wisteria alone is 70+ years old!
Shannon, Andres and our helpful grounds keeper, Max and I all strolled though the gardens and got to enjoy every inch of the place. We loved that there were still pieces of land with nature to escape to in New Jersey. We saw tons of chipmunk and even rabbits! Andres later told us that he’d always dreamed of owning a pet skunk!! That is something I can definitely relate to.
My favorite pet of their engagement session was when Andres said he’s awkward in front of the camera but 10 minutes later he was all smiles and giggles as he held and kissed his future wife. Shannon loved all the silliness and affection. Towards the end I got my favorite shot! I told them to “practice dancing” then pull each other in for kisses, as a pose. Their first pull in Shannon was landing kisses all over Andres cheeks casing him to laugh so hard he was doubling over. The way Shannon held onto him and returned laughing was the most beautiful interaction I could have imagined. These two are truly head over heels for each other.
Shannon and Andres are planning to tie the knot this August at David’s Country Inn. Another historic site with incredible foliage! They said the loved the rustic feel of the Inn as well as it’s updated ballroom. I can’t wait to be there for them on their wedding day and capture all the love, fun and happiness!

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