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Maria & Oleh (Princeton University Engagement Photos)

June 27, 2024

Princeton University Engagement Photos

Maria and Oleh had meticulously planned every detail of their upcoming wedding! Ensuring each aspect reflected their deep love and connection. Would you believe they are putting their whole wedding together in less than a year?! They decided on Princeton University engagement photos! It was a beautiful spring day, they arrived at the campus dressed elegantly, Maria in a sleek white dress that caught the sunlight and Oleh in a smartly tailored dress pants that accentuated his stature.

Despite their stylish appearance, both felt a twinge of nervousness about posing in front of the camera. They claimed to be awkward in front of the camera. I quickly reassured them that I hear that a lot, and it has yet to be true!

Then, with gentle guidance and prompts, the I eased them into our session. We started with simple poses that allowed them to focus on each other rather than the camera. As they strolled through Princeton’s historic grounds, I got to capture their laughter and genuine smiles amidst the perfect sunny day.

Engagement Session Ease

Throughout the session, Maria and Oleh gradually relaxed, their initial nerves giving way to shared moments of joy and affection. Against the backdrop of Princeton’s picturesque scenery, they moved effortlessly from one location to another, each frame capturing their connection and the excitement they felt about their future together.

As the evening progressed, Maria and Oleh grew more comfortable, their laughter echoing through the serene campus. I was able to document their love story in a series of photos that would become cherished memories of their engagement. Their anticipation for the wedding day grew as they realized how much easier photos would be. Now they can’t wait for their wedding day at the Westmount Country Club later this year!

Almost Wedding Day

Lastly, leaving the university grounds, Maria and Oleh were on a photo high, their hearts full of love and the promise of a life together. They were looking forward to celebrating their love surrounded by family and friends. I can’t wait for round two on the big day very soon! Thank you both for being so amazing!

To see where they are getting married, click here.

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