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Nicole & Brian (Galloping Hill Wedding Photos)

March 3, 2024

Celebrating Love Amidst the Autumn Rain: A Reshoot Story with Nicole and Brian

Galloping Hill Wedding

Love stories often take unexpected turns, and for Nicole and Brian, their wedding day was no exception. Despite envisioning a lovely outdoor ceremony surrounded by the beauty of fall foliage, mother nature had other plans. Their wedding date fell on one of the 5 consecutive weekends of downpour rain. Leaving them with few outdoor photo opportunities. But as fate would have it, their determination to capture those dreamy outdoor portraits led them to me. A wedding photographer who shares their love for the fall season. Therefore, we went back and redid their Galloping Hill wedding photos!

When Nicole and Brian reached out to me for a reshoot of their wedding portraits, I was touched by their unwavering optimism and commitment to creating the perfect memories. We wasted no time in coordinating a new date, and just two weeks after their wedding, we found ourselves amidst the breathtaking beauty of a coppery-orange tree that had transformed into the perfect backdrop for our photos.

A picture perfect sunset evening

As we embarked on our photoshoot adventure, I couldn’t help but be struck by Nicole and Brian’s infectious joy and love for each other. Despite the rain that had dampened their original plans, their spirits remained undaunted. Their laughter echoed through the crisp autumn air. Evident in all their Galloping Hill wedding photos.

Against the backdrop of the stunning fall foliage, Nicole and Brian’s love shone brightly. It illuminated every frame with warmth and happiness. From stolen glances to tender embraces, every moment captured was a testament to the deep bond they shared.

But our photoshoot wasn’t just about capturing beautiful images. It was also an opportunity to connect and share in the excitement of their wedding and upcoming honeymoon. As we chatted about weddings past and future adventures, it felt as though we were old friends. Friends bonded by the shared experience of celebrating love in all its forms.

Redoing an perfect day, again

Sunset coming, casting a golden glow over the landscape, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have been a part of Nicole and Brian’s special journey. Resilience, optimism, and unwavering love for one other were truly inspiring. I am honored to have had the opportunity to capture their special moment.

To Nicole and Brian, thank you! For entrusting me with your memories and for reminding me of the beauty of love and resilience. May your journey together be filled with endless love, laughter, and unforgettable adventures. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! 🍂

Photographer: @julietmaceyphotography
Venue: @gallopinghillgolfcourseevents
Makeup: @makeupbyjennifersagastume
Hair: @pinkcombbeauty
Dress: @verasbridal_
Dress designer: @kittychencouture@kittychenbride
Tux: @tuxedobysarno

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