Why you SHOULD Invest in a photographer for your wedding.

If your reading this, CONGRATS on your upcoming nuptials!

The other reason you're here is (let’s just say it) budget.

I know, I know. It’s no shock weddings can add up pretty quickly. But, when do you spend and when can you save? There’s plenty of posts about saving some money but a lot of theses usually end up suggesting “hire a friend”, “uncle Bob” or “some college kid” to photograph your wedding.

Please don’t do this.

This makes me doubt the whole rest of the article. How could you suggest that?! Have you NOT seen the horror stories on Facebook?! But, why is this such a bad move? Why is it so important to invest in a quality wedding photographer? Well, let me tell ya!


Quality Images

Quality images come from talented photographers and our specialized equipment. An iPhone photo is great for a quick Instagram story but those are only meant to last 24 hours. Our images are meant to last a lifetime. We are skilled with our equipment and also in our creative minds. As an artist we see all the possibility at a wedding. We can pose you in many ways quickly and easily. We can put you in the best spot with the best lighting and capture you’re purest emotions. We can make you feel at ease in front of the amist the hectic day. This day about you and your partner and your lifetime of happiness. And that is what we are capturing.


With great talent comes great experience. (Poor attempt at a Spider-man reference). But seriously, hiring a professional photographer comes with years of previous work under their belt. We have tons of experience in many different wedding situations. Such as different lighting situations; harsh lighting, dark churches, high ballroom ceilings, lowlight. We can pose a bridal party of 4 to 20 or more! We know how to shoot around inclement weather. We can scout the best shooting locations. Especially if we’ve been to your venue before. There’s nothing like trusting in your wedding photographers experience to get the job done.

A Night To Remember

It’s no joke when people tell you your wedding goes by in a flash. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to capture everything. Leave it to your photographer to grab every detail. All the decor and pretty things will forever be remembered with a beautiful photograph.

We will also capture moments you didn’t even know were happening! A professional wedding photographer is skilled in capturing portraits, of course, but candids as well. We’re there, ready to snap that picture of your partners face light up when they see you for the first time. We’re there capturing your parents tear up when you have your first dance. We’re there catching the flower girls twirling in their dresses on the dance floor. Those are moments you don’t want to miss. More importantly, those are moments you’ll cherish forever.

You Can Cut Elsewhere

(I’m not going to throw my fellow vendors under the buss here) Instead, suggest smart budget savvy ideas without having to forge the photography. 1 Make your own center pieces. 2 Borrow items, buy used items or pick things that can be used again or sold after the wedding. 3 Don’t go overboard on the invitations. 4 Make a simple edible favor or forget it all together. 5 You don’t need programs. Do people still read those? 6 Skip the “premium linens” options venues give you. Your guests will be none the wiser. 7 Get married out of wedding season. The venue rates are much less. 8 Skip giving each other gives and opt for a thoughtful handwritten card. 9 Get married on a Friday or weekday. The rates are much less compared to Saturday’s. 10 Make the invitations yourself. Download a PDF off Etsy then print them at your local Staples.

They’re little things but they will add up and WILL save you money. But you’re also not losing anything of substantial. You’ll still have a fantastic day.

Your Future

Future you will thank you! Your future kids will thank you! Even your grandkids will thank you! To invest in a wedding photographer is to invest in your future. Years down the road, you will have images that have stood the test of time. You will gather around with your new little family and no doubt your kids will say “Wow, mommy/daddy! Look how pretty/handsome you are!” or “You look so happy!” And that warms my heart. Being able to look back on such a precious memory, with your future family, is truly priceless. I love being able to give you beautiful images that will then be cherished for years to come.

And there you have it!

Just a few example of why you should invest in a photographer for you wedding day. A talented photographer with their skill, talent and creativity, will deliver beautiful, high quality images to enjoy for years to come.

So get out there and plan that wedding!


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THIS cursed image.

Bridal Party BASH or BUST?! How to make sure to have the BEST time!

Some tips, tricks, and inspiration on how to have the BEST bridal shower!!


So you’re throwing or attending an bridal shower! Well, you’ve come to the right place! I've compiled a list of bridal shower educate, tips, tricks and overall ideas for the best bridal shower.

First off, Games!


Yes, games! If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be, do it! It’s a great way for your guests to enjoy themselves as well as get to know the bride & groom better!

With this simple addition of bridal games, guests can talk to one another. Not everyone at your shower will know someone. Some might only know you! So, it is good to have conversation starters for the girls at their tables.

So what games should I have?

well there’s..

Would She Rather? : Guests pick which option they think the bride would choose.

He said, she said : Guests pick whether the Bride said this? Or if the Groom said this?

What’s in your purse? : Guests earn points for every item listed is on their person / in their purse.

Guess Who : Guests pick whether it was the bride or the groom who did the actions listed.

How old was the bride to be : A handful of images (9) are shown for guests to see. They try to guess the correct age in the images.

Love Songs : Either Disney songs or popular love songs and a lyric from each are listed. Guests try to match up the correct lyrics with the song.

What’s On Your Phone? : Guests receive points for every item listed is in/on their phone.

Guess The Kisses: Guess how many Hershey’s Kisses are in a jar.


Make sure not ALL the games based off how well they know the Bride. (For example guess the Kisses). It evens the playing field for the guests who are not bridesmaids or family. They won’t feel so alienated or excluded if they can’t even remember where you and the groom first met.

Four is the average number of games to have a bridal shower.


Either way, at the end, if your guests did well enough, they come away with an awesome prize! Yes, prizes! These can be a fun, useful or as silly as you want!

A basket of candies and sweets? Perfect!

A package of lotions, scrubs and nail polish for a spa day? Amazing!

SOAP! Because, you know, it’s a shower after all!!



Having a jar for guests to write their wishes for you is a sweet way to connect with guests, even after the shower has ended. Have a stack of cards & pens next to the jar with a personalized sign asking guests for their message.

Known as Wishes for the Soon to be MRS.

Center Pieces


A center piece is the perfect way to show of your wedding style AND creativity!

It sets the stage for your bridal shower. They can be as easy as a DIY flower arrangement. Do you have a local dollar? They typically have tons of fake flowers and glass bottles/vases.

Wrap these bottles in burlap or colored ribbons to go a step further.

Don’t stress TOO much. They’re cute and fun to have but don’t strain yourself going too big or too detailed.

Also, if your don’t want or need them after the party, they can double as a gift for a guest at each table! Throw on some music and play musical chairs with a napkin. Who ever is left holding the napkin, when the music stops, is the WINNER!

Bridal Shower at home?


You bet! Backyard parties, even weddings, are just as fun! Maybe more so, I’m a bit of a homebody so this sounds like a home run! Maybe your guests are already traveling far for the wedding so having them come to your place is a more comfortable and easy option.

Have a theme!

This is the probably the most fun part! Put a spin on your shower by adding a theme! Does your wedding have a theme? Set it up with the same theme at the shower!

Is your wedding durning winter or Christmas? How about Fall or Halloween? Sounds like a theme waiting to happen to me!

Is your wedding in a special location? Like a destination wedding? Paris or the Mexico? Have your shower modeled after these details!

Game of Thrones fan? Oh yea, nerd out baby!

Opening Gifts?


Deciding to open gifts at the end of your shower? Get your crew together!

Grab your bridesmaids because it’s GO time!

You’re gonna need one girl to hand you gifts (pre-ripped preferably).

Another girl (This is usually your maid of honor or sister) to write down what all the gifts are and who they came from. *This will make thank You cards much easier.

Another girl to clean up the wrapping paper that has been discarded.

Another girl to take the open presents and put them in another location.

Back to Games for a minute.

To keep guests engaged during the gift opening process make it into a game. Bridal Bingo! This will keep guests attention on your and what you’re receiving. It’s a small but powerful to have a successful gift opening process.



A sweet way to thank ALL your guests for coming is a favor.

Cookies, cupcakes, honey or something edible is a popular choice for a bridal shower favor.

Bottle openers, wine glass tumblers or wine stoppers are always going to be used.

Succulents are easy to get your hands on and everyone loves them!

Make sure to secure your favor 2-3 weeks before the bridal shower to make sure the items arrive on time and are correct.

Dessert Table


Probably the best part about showers (for guests) is the dessert table!

It’s sweet tooth time! Guests look forward to heading over to the dessert table before the shower is over. You have your traditional cake which is a must! But, with the dessert table, you won’t need a cake a big as normal. People will fill up on all the other sweets so here less is better.

It’s SUPER easy to get goodies together. It can be as simple as going to the store and getting Hershey Kisses, rock candy, or Godiva chocolates. OR you can make things yourself! Cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, cake pops, cupcakes, or cinnamon buns!

And have fun with it! Make your treats into flowers, put your initials or wedding date on them or dye them pink!

Thank You Cards


The honoree should send thank you notes to her bridal shower attendees two to three weeks after the shower. Sending out thank you cards for gifts you received is a highly recommended gesture after a bridal shower has occurred and is proper bridal shower etiquette.

Get to know me better!

Hello friends!

DSC_2559 copy.jpg

This is is my FIRST EVER blog post! Woo!! *confetti cannon* *marching band shows up*

No but seriously! I’m super excited to start this. I’ve never done anything like it before and am excited to share my experience and knowledge with all of you!

Let’s start with some facts about me !

I live in Blairstown, New Jersey. It’s north west New Jersey, very close to Pennsylvania. Have you ever heard of The Land of Make Believe in Hope, New Jersey? I live right around there! It’s ALSO where they shot the original Friday the 13th movie, so that’s awesome! (I’m a huge horror/scary/thriller etc buff)


In real life it’s called Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (no, i’m not joking)

I have an amazing boyfriend! We live together in our beautiful home we bought together. We’ve been dating for 8 years. We first met in 2010 when we were seniors in high school but didn’t start dating until 2011 in college. We went to different college too by the way. I still don’t know how it happened but it just makes me think it was meant to be!


I have 2 amazing rescue dogs! There’s Rocky and Ruger. Rocky is out first fur baby. He is a 1yo Norwegian Elkhound. We got him from Animal Rescue R Us in Lodi. It was nothing short of a miracle finding and adopting him. He is my best friend!


There’s also Ruger! He’s a 9yo German Shepherd. But we’ve only had him about 3 months now. We got him when my boyfriend found him on the side of Rt80 on a hot day with no collar. We couldn’t stop thinking about him and went to the animal hospital and took him home!


I LOVE my job! Photography is my passion! Being able to capture people’s most important moments is such a privilege. These are the times you want to preserve for the rest of timeand I can do that for you. I went to college and majored in photography and made the transition into wedding photography. It was the best decision I could have made! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I get to be creative, meet people from all walks of life and travel all of NJ, PA, NY and more! I couldn’t be happier.


That’s all I can think off the top of my head so now it’s time for

the lightening round!

  • I LOVE movies and tv, really all pop culture

  • I’m obsessed with Franks Red Hot!!! I seriously put that sh*t on everything!

  • Autumn is my favorite time of year. I also can’t get enough of Halloween. It’s the greatest.

  • I don’t drink coffee OR wine. I know, what a weirdo. I’ve heard it all before.

  • I love wearing black winged eyeliner.

  • My favorite color is purple! But I almost always wear black. Like all black.

  • My favorite band/musical artist is Panic! At the Disco


We’ll that’s me!

I hope you enjoyed!

If you’re interested in learning more about my wedding photography services, I’d love to hear from you!

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